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Proprietary engineering knowledge represents an important asset in any company with custom designed products. What happens if a key engineer is no longer available?

Once the design rules are defined and stored in the KBEWorks database, the design knowledge can be easily and securely managed.  The rules will always be accessible in the lifespan of the product, from the first release through each revision needed to keep up with the changing specifications and market needs.  And because the automation process can be best carried out by your company's engineers and designers, you do not need to explain the complexities of designing your product to a consultant.  Easy to understand and use, KBEWorks eliminates the "black box" syndrome that is often responsible for making custom software projects obsolete before their time.

"The KBEWorks automation eliminated errors that occurred with our repetitive manual configuration process."

KBEWorks has the tools to capture design knowledge and implement automation rules across different formats and  softwares:
•• Formulas
•• Design notes
•• Design tables
•• Best practices

KBEWorks is based on robust and proven technology to securely store and manage your critical design rules for your most complex machines.
•• Protect your knowledge investment
•• Facilitate retrieval

Getting reports from KBEWorks is easy and requires no programming to set it up.  All documentation including Engineering and design reports are generated in easy to configure HTML format while 2D drawings and 3D models are updated automatically in accordance to user input.
"In far too many organizations, such know-how is in danger of disappearing along with the employees who acquired it."

David DeLong - Lost Knowledge: Confronting the Threat of an Aging Workforce

"And when they leave the company what will happen with the knowledge they acquired? "

Megan Santosus - Knowledge Research Center at, January 7, 2005
Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS
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